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anotherpaperback said: YOU ARE! I KNEW IT! oh what i would do to be your friend... Maybe one today we will be really good friends and I could even have my own tooth brush at your house. wow you're so cool.


anotherpaperback said: oh my giddy aunt! Are you like toes sleeping with the mumford guys? We should like totes be friends babe. i love you so much babe. xxxxxxxxx please be my friend


no comment.



Because jet-lagged Ted is hilarious

Because Marcus’ little adorable as fuck high-pitched voice is amazing 

oh so cute.

(via thepromiseofmumford)

protectionracket said: Hi, can I ask which show the backstage pictures of Mumford & Sons were at?

heyaaa! they were from the gentlemen of the road stopover show in dungog, australia. :)

Anonymous said: ooh nice! hehe were you there as part of the crew or like a guest?

i was there as a guest, i work for someone who was playing with them. good times. :)

Anonymous said: hii I love your blog you have some great photography on it!! I wanted to ask you where you found the photos of mumford n sons backstage?x

hi! thank you! i took them. haha.

sneaky shot.

Octopus eggs
dungog, australia.
this was possibly one of my favourite moments. ever.